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Yoga Ball

Yoga Ball

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  • Brand XGYUII
  • Material Pvc
  • Colour Purple



1. Environmentally friendly material: Professional quality PVC material, 2000lbs design able to stand up to the most rigorous workouts,use for birthing or pregnancy,used as an OFFICE BALL CHAIR to improve your Core Strength & Relieve Back Pain ..

2. Increase physical fitness: The fitness ball can exercise various parts. You can exercise your waist, arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, etc, Any part you want to exercise, every time you exercise for 30 minutes, relieve your fatigue and relax your body,Make your body easier and healthier..

3. A variety of uses: Yoga balls have many benefits, not only can help us effectively strengthen the body, but also the effect of weight loss, especially suitable for women, adjust the balance, enhance the ability to control the muscles, improve the flexibility of the body and Coordination, self-cultivation, perfect and beautiful lines, it can be used to help exercise;.

4. Convenient storage: Yoga ball can do a lot of stretching exercises, not only can avoid muscle soreness, but also massage, to relieve tension, yoga ball is one of the highest density fitness balls on the market, thickened 0.2mm, safe Loaded with 100 kg,

65cm and 45cm

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