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8 Pcs Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

8 Pcs Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

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- Find and remove the cause of the puncture.
- Apply the rubber cement t to the reamer tool and push the reamer tool into the puncture.
-Work up and down until the reamer tool moves easily within the hole.
-Thread one tire plug into the hook tool until it is half way through.
- Push the hook tool into the hole until half of the tire plug remains outside the tire, then rotate the hook tool ΒΌ inch of the way around and remove tool slowly.
- Cut the excess tire plug off as close as possible to the tire.
-8 PCS/Set Car or Bike Auto tubeless Tire Repair Kit
-Tire Puncture Plug Repair Tool Kit Puncture Tubeless Tire Plug Repair Tool.
-emergency tire puncture repair kit.


What's in the box
5 X Rubber Repair Strips
1 X Rubber Solution Tube
1 X Hole Opener
1 X Strip Threader

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