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Electric Hair Clipper/Shaver - USB

Electric Hair Clipper/Shaver - USB

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Product Parameters:Professional hairdressing tools or for use at homeStainless steel blade, to avoid skin irritation, very hot, do not pull hair, blade width 45 mmLow noise, high powerErgonomic and stylish handle design, comfortable to hold and use * Stainless steel cutting head* Charging time: 3 h* Duration of use: 3 h* Voltage: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60HZ* Power: 10W* Power supply mode: rechargeable by USB 
Features: 1. 0 trimmer head, ultra short pitch, leaving only 0.1mm hair length, can be used for engraving, trimming, pushing2. low temperature rise, low heat while working, giving you a soft and comfortable haircut experience3. High hardness stainless steel material, rust-free automatic grinding, long service life4. 4 limit combs, novices and shaved gospel5. Using blade adjustment technology to reduce the friction, effectively reducing noise

Key Features

  • Power: 5W
  • Battery: 18500 lithium ion battery
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Rated voltage: 5V
  • Use time: 3 hours
  • Charging method: USB charging
  • Fine-tuning of dual-purpose head: zero pitch adjustable
  • Tool head type: acute-angle safety dense teeth
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