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Luxuary Calligraphy Pen Gift Set

Luxuary Calligraphy Pen Gift Set

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- Recreate the past.
- The look and function of this golden-tipped fountain pen will help someone capture the
feeling of writing during the Baroque or Renaissance era.
- Perfect for Calligraphy.
- The dip fountain pen is a product of expert craftsmanship to create a beautiful and
functional writing instrument.
- It allows for wonderfully smooth and flowing penmanship and feels natural in your hand.
- A fine desk decoration. When you are not using them as calligraphy pens, these writing
quills make wonderful objects d'art for decorating your study, office, living room or library.

- Fantastic beauty filled pen handle
- Pheasant feathers are completely natural
- Includes metal seal and paraffin varnish
- Includes a metal holder base number
- Contains a 15ml volume
- A special gift for dear artists
- Holder material: steel
- Suitable for English and Persian calligraphy

What's in the box
1 x Luxury Vintage Calligraphy Feather Pen Set-12 pcs

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