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Sun Hybrid Solar Inverter S-2155

Sun Hybrid Solar Inverter S-2155

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Sun Model S-2155 / 5500W-5500VA HYBRID Solar Inverter:

Features & details

  • Model: 2155: 5.5KW 5500VA
  • Rated power: 5500W
  • Input voltage: 48V
  • Selectable voltage range: 170-280V AC (for computer) 90-280V AC (for household appliances).
  • Frequency range: 50 Hz / 60 Hz (automatic detection)
  • Output voltage regulation (battery mode): 230 VAC +-5%
  • Maximum power (starting peaks): 6000 W.
  • Efficiency: 93%
  • Transmission time: 10ms (for computer) 20ms (for household appliances)
  • Wave type: pure sine wave
  • Maximum voltage of open photovoltaic panel 100 VDC
  • Battery voltage: 24 V.
  • Charging voltage: 27 V.
  • Overload protection: 32V.
  • PV rated power:6000W
  • Regulator charging current: 100A. MPPT
  • Charger current: 80A.
  • Stand-by consumption: 2W
  • Dimensions: 590x390x208 mm
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Weight: 11kg
  • The Sun 5500W 48V Power Inverter includes a 30A capacity 24V battery charger powered by a 230V AC source. The solar charge controller has 100a  with MPPT technology and a rated power of 5500W which means the power of the solar panel does not exceed 5500W Thanks to the existing possibility a generator.
  • The inverter is black/white
  • WiFi & GPRS available for IOS & android
  • Inverter can run without battery
  • Built-in 100A MPPT solar charger
  • High PV Input voltage range 120-500VDC
  • Built-In Anti-Dusk kit for harsh environment 
  • Smart battery charge design to optimize battery life
  • The LCD screen has a resolution of 255 x 160 pixels with backlight for easy reading. Energy generation data, warnings and other information are displayed clearly and easily to the user. The Sun Power Inverter 5500W  48VDC is a system in one that does not require any other devices. If you have any questions about the product, please contact 0870589999
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