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Facial Hair Grooming Device

Facial Hair Grooming Device

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- Suitable for woman , Precise & effective facial hair grooming

- Removes hair painlessly ! 

- Waterproof

- Rechargable using a built in usb charging port.

- Suitable for delicate areas of the body including

- Upper / lower lip

- Chin

- Cheeks

- Nose

- Neck

- Bikini areas 

- Eyebrows 


Grooming Guideline

- Best results : Use on dry skin 

- Make gentle , circular movements 

- Avoid applying unneccassary pressure

- There is no forced pulling , no harm to the pores , no stubble , no nicks

- Gentle enough for daily use ! 


  • Charge for approximately 3 hours to be fully charged, can be used for 30-45 minutes
  • The light indicator will turn red when charging, you don't have to wait for the light to turn off. unplug it after 3 hours
  • To assemble any of the head attachments, aligning the groves from the device and the head, press and twist till you hear a click
  •  To disassemble any of the heads, follow the same steps but oppositely
  •  To clean the heads, rinse it under water but don't rinse the device body itself
  • The blade of the nose head attachment can be fully removed to wash then inserted back in. To insert the nose blade in the head, simply apply a gentle press on both sides of the blade and slowly insert it all the way in the nose head


1 x Shaver Device Body
1 x Facial & Body Hair Trimmer Attachment Head
1 x Nose / Ear Hair Trimmer Attachment Head
1 x Eyebrow and mustache trimmer Attachment Head
1 x Cleaning Brush

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