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Capsule Cutter Quatre

Capsule Cutter Quatre

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Multipurpose Plastic Capsule Blender Blender Capsule Cutter Quatre Unique Blender Design Capsule Blender System


-Fast and smooth food preparation Capsule Cutter Quatre.
-Every minute 24500 rotation powerful motor.
-Sharp stainless-steel four blade.
-Quick & easy just press on
-Easy to grind, adjustable
-Very easy to clean.
-Capsule Cutter Quatre contains 4 powerful blades.
-Which can easily crush any kind of soft or hard ingredients, such as commercially available ice -cubes or frozen fruit.
-It can also perfectly chop mince meat and vegetable dishes, fluffy shaved ice and fruit etc.


-Power: Alternating voltage 220V
-Consumption Power: 200W
-Size approx: Width 11.6cm x Depth 11.6cm x Height 23.3cm
-Length of power cable: About 1m
-Protective cover: PP
-Blade: Stainless steel
-Machine Body: ABS resin


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