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DT266 Digital Clamp Meter

DT266 Digital Clamp Meter

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Performance characteristics:
- Data hold function, convenient reading
- Large-screen display, clear display.
- AC and DC non-contact measurement.
- Quick measurement requires two steps.
- Simple operation, streamlined body.
- Large jaw design, suitable for various wire measurements.
- With safety rope to prevent loss.
- Widely used: home appliance repair, electronic repair, home use, experimental testing, etc.


- It is safe to use
- It is convenient to use
- It is portable to carry around
- It is easy to operate


Technical Parameters
- Clamp head: (open 50mm)
- Data retention: yes
- On-off alarm sound: yes
- Low voltage display: yes
- DC voltage: 1-1000V
- AC voltage: 1-750V
- AC current: 0.1-1000A
- Resistance: 0.1-20k
- Input impedance: 9M
- Sampling rate: 3 times/1 second
- Mode of operation: manual range
- Battery: 9V not included
- Size: 230x70x37mm


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1 x DT266 Digital Clamp Meter

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