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Mystical Fire Flame Colorant -5 pc

Mystical Fire Flame Colorant -5 pc

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?????DIFFERENT WEIGHT OF FLAME BURNING TIME?10g flame powder package can burn continuously for 5-10 minutes; 15g can burn for 10-15 minutes; 20g can burn for 15-20 minutes; 30g can burn for 30-35 minutes.

?????IT IS FOR EVERYONE?This product is a small packet of powder, which can change the color of flames in campfires or even homemade wood fires to blue, orange, red or even green.

?????EASY TO USE?Simply toss an unopened pouch into fire to enjoy a brilliant display of colorful BLUE flames! Just throw a bunch of magic rainbow flames on the wood fire and watch the colors dance and glow.

?????WIDE APPLICATION?The product can be used in indoor and outdoor fires that burn wood and other fuels.Suitable for camping bonfires, fireplace fires, etc.

?????ATTENTION?a.Keep out of reach of children. b.Never open packet or cook over colored flames. c.Do not eat or touch. d.Store in a cool, dry place

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