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Power bank “Q3 Mayflower” PD20W + QC3.0 10000mAh

Power bank “Q3 Mayflower” PD20W + QC3.0 10000mAh

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Q3 Mayflower power bank PD+QC3.0 10000mAh, Type-C 18W PD input and USB-A 18W QC / Type-C PD 20W output, support for PD20W, QC3.0/QC2.0, FCP, AFC etc

1. Capacity: 10000mAh, 37Wh. Rated capacity: 5500mAh.
2. Input: Type-C 18W (PD).
3. Output: USB-A 18W (QC), Type-C 9V / 2.22A (PD) 20W. Total output: 5V / 3A.
4. Display: LED display of power level, fast charging indicator.
5. Material: ABS + PC flame-retardant shell + 21700 battery.
6. Support for PD20W, for QC3.0/QC2.0, for FCP, for AFC and other fast charging protocols.
7. Sizes: 80*57*26mm. Weight: 179g.

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