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Acne Blue Ray Pen

Acne Blue Ray Pen

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-Promotes the binding of protein and collagen, activates the skin, and tightens loose skin.
-Effectively inhibits acne bacteria, improves oily skin and severely sensitive skin, reduces pores and removes acne.
Visible Blue Light 415NM, killing bacteria in the pores of the skin, and together with 42 degrees of heat and bio-stable biological micro-overcurrent, reduce acne in oils, thus accelerating acne, fade naturally
-Firming skin, shrinks pores, and eliminates acne bacteria, which have a great effect on oily skin, severe allergic skin reactions and red spots.
-42 degrees heat lymphatic drainage



-Voltage: DC1.5V
-Current: 0.6A
-Power: 0.9W
-Material: ABS
-color: White
-Power Supply: 1AA battery (Battery not included)
-Product size: 13319*19mm

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