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Pump Pump Manual Chemical Type

Pump Pump Manual Chemical Type

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PVC Hand Pump - multi purpose - aquarium/ Hand pumps for liquid extraction is a highly applicable solution for pumping of most liquids such as water, alcohol, vegetable oil to petrol, even detergents or strong chemicals. Hand pumps are designed to simplify as well as save time in liquid extraction, minimizing the risk of spills, safe for users. Description β€’ Total Length : 530mm(20.9β€³) β€’ Suction tube Length : 385mm(15.2β€³) β€’ Suction tube Outer Dia. : 15mm(0.59β€³) β€’ Discharge Tube Length : 540mm(21.3β€³) β€’ Discharge Tube Outer Dia. : 12mm(0.47β€³) β€’ Head Outer Dia. : 51mm(2.01β€³) β€’ Delivery Volume : About 7LPM(1.9GPM) β€’ Main Material : P.E β€’ Net Weight/pc : About 64g(2.3Oz) Features & Applications β€’ Suction type : Manual squeezing type β€’ Applicable liquids : Kerosene, Diesel, Gasoline, Water(not safe for drinking), Light oils, Chemical insecticides, Soaps, Detergents, Mild acids, Anti-freeze, Liquid waxes β€’ Non corrosive, Non toxic plastic material β€’ construction
17mm outlet plastic manual pump

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