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Round LED Panel Light 12W

Round LED Panel Light 12W

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Ultra slim round led panel lights 12w of lumens is not as high as the efficacy of the led flat panel lights

-But these lights are still very super bright as 80-90 lumens per watt

-it is a low power high lumens panel built for high energy savings, enhanced environmental credentials and increased lifespan

-12w panel lighting make no noise and generate no UV

-They have a different colors, such as warm white 3000k, nature white 4500k and daylight color for 5500k.led panel light 12w can be installed into wooden ceiling or walls

-Watts 12W round shape
-Top Lumen 80-90lm/w
-CE RoHS and TUV Certification
-Ceiling LED luminaires with aluminum frame in high value design
-Energy Savings of up to 50%
-For ceiling mounting or pendant mounting
-The driver PFC can be up to 0.95
No UV/IR Radiation / No RF Interference
-Office Lighting
-Production Area
-Warehouse Lighting
-Retail Store Display Lighting
-Undercabinet Lighting
-Hallway & lobbies

Package Weight: 263

Package Dimensions: 17cm x 3cm x 20cm

Package Includes:

1 x Round Panel Light
2 x Spring pins

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