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Spice Spinner

Spice Spinner

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The Spice Spinner has two levels for maximum storage and organizer. The spice spinner has an adjustable top shelf, and can be adjusted for four different heights. The spice spinner is a D-shape to fit easily into cabinets and cupboards. The dual spin capabilities allow for easy all around access to every spot on the spice spinner. The spice spinner can be used to organize spices, jars, in your fridge, crafts, nail polish, etc. The spice spinner allows you to organize your spices will keeping them easily accessible!

  • Two levels for maximum storage
  • Four heights adjustable top shelf
  • Dual spin for easy access
  • D-shape to fit cabinets and cupboards
  • *Spice Spinner Organizer*
    Holds up to 40 spices and condiments
    Suitable for Pantries,Fridge, Bathroom,Craft table

    4 height Settings
    Tallest Setting:Height*8"
    Second tallest setting*7.5"
    Second lowest setting*7"
    Lowest setting *6.5"
    Depth 10.75"
    Width 13"


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