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AV Line one Split RCA 6 Female to 3 Male

AV Line one Split RCA 6 Female to 3 Male

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AV Line one Split RCA 6 Female to 3 Male with a box Packaging

-RCA Plug Splitter: 3-RCA male to 6-RCA female Stereo AV Cable. Plug and Play
-You can connect two gaming consoles to your TV without changing AV cable frequently
-Just open one of the consoles and start your game journey immediately
-Standard RCA Video, Audio R-&-L (yellow-red-white) connectors.
-Used to connect RCA audio/video devices such as TV, DVD, etc. Top quality and made by environment-friendly material
-RCA cable compatible with all RCA plug device like TV, DVD player, Wii, X-box, sub woofer, speaker system, etc and other Audio / Video devices with RCA connectors
-Gold plated connectors provide rigidity and resist corrosion,make conductivity better
-Easy Plugging and Unplugging,Use-Plug and Play ,Compact size, easy to carry
-The portable size and light weight is perfect for home and travel use, as well as for office connection Plug and play
-Easy to use,no extra drivers needed ,

Package Weight: 57g

Package Dimensions: 15cm x 20cm

Package Includes:

1 x RCA 3 Male to 6 Female

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