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HDMI TO BNC Video Converter Adapter Box

HDMI TO BNC Video Converter Adapter Box

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-The HDMI to BNC video converter is an adapter for full HDMI equipment sources which comes from TV box, game console (PS3 / PS4 / WII U / XBOX One 360 ​​), ordinary cameras, DVD player Blue-ray or high definition player, etc. turning into BNC CVBS output or converting NTSC/PAL format audio and video signals to 480P/576I analog signals which are used normally old -TV/Monitor/VCR/DVR/VHS etc. It widely applies to KTV equipment or meeting/presentation which converts full HD camera signals to computer video recording card for remote control (HTTP) or web conference meeting

-This HDMI to BNC signal converter can convert HDMI digital signal to BNC composite video signal and 3.5mm stereo audio signals

-For HDMI video to be displayed on regular TV and VHS recording/video player, DVD recorders which can receive BNC signal

-Standard definition 480i, 576i), supporting two different NTSC/PAL formats

-Works with All Devices – Connect the HDMI plug to any device with HDMI output such as PlayStation 4/XBOX/PS4/PS3/PC/TV Box/Projector and more

-Then connect the RCA end to any display with RCA inputs such as Monitor/TV/HDTV/TV Box/Projector and more – *some devices will require the chipset to be powered by the attached USB cable

-Power: DC/5V

Package Weight: 124g

Package Dimensions: 15cm x 11cm x 5.5cm

Package Includes:

1 x HDMI TO BNC Converter
1 x USB power supply line

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