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LED Solar Ceiling Light 60w

LED Solar Ceiling Light 60w

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The solar ceiling light of Forest Lighting can be used for different types of outdoor and indoor security and landscape lighting.

With a remote control, it can be switched between warm white and cool white to meet the needs of different users. For instance, it can be used for exterior security lights, such as in the garage, shed, and hallway.
The Forest Lighting solar ceiling light smart remote control is an ideal solution for controlling the solar ceiling light inside your home. It can provide you with control of the brightness and time of the light.
The flexible and durable design of the Forest Lighting solar ceiling light makes it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.
The durable and waterproof design of Forest Lighting's solar ceiling light is ideal for various outdoor and indoor applications.

-It can be used year-round. Its Grade A plastic casing ensures that it can endure the elements and perform at its best.

- Soft eye protection
- No electricity bills throughout the year
- Automatic lighting in dark
- Remote control light control
- Stepless dimming
- solar LED ceiling light

Height= 28cm
Length= 24.8cm
Width= 8.7cm
weight= 1200g

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1x 60W LED Solar Ceiling Light inc panel

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