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Portable Notebook Bottle

Portable Notebook Bottle

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  • With lightweight cup body design, the product can be portable and not tiring, convenient and fast to use.
  • Square shape design makes it more comfortable to hold. Spiral bottle mouth makes it have no water leakage and used with confidence. The different colors showed by the cohesive design can collide with creative sparks, unique and elegant.
  • Made of high quality PP and resin material, it is durable and drop resistant.
  • The length of water bottle body is 15.5cm and the width is 10.9cm. The length of water bottle mouth is 2.5cm.
  • It can be used as a gift to relatives and friends, and as a holiday gift.
  • Material: Resin,PP
  • Color: Yellow, Red, Blue,Β Dark Blue
  • Features: Cohesive Design, Fine Workmanship, Leakproof
  • Water Bottle Body: 155mm x 109mm
  • Water Bottle Mouth Length: 250mm

Package Includes:
1 x Water Bottle

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