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Bluetooth Sports/Sleep Headband Headphones BT

Bluetooth Sports/Sleep Headband Headphones BT

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  • Support bluetooth communication and bluetooth Music
  • Low loss high quality stereo sound
  • In build lithium ion battery with micro USB charging function
  • User-friendly function design
  • LED display for working status
  • No beeps


How to Use?

  • Close all your Bluetooth on the phone.
  • Long press the "on/off" button in the eyemask to redue light flash.
  • Open your Bluetooth on the phone, find the Bluetooth name BT-FAAH, then connect.
  • After connecting the Bluetooth, you can listen to the music directly!



  • Can be washable when take out the bluetooth module
  • Both speakers are not fixed,can adjust placement accordingly based on your size
  • Please check USB cable if can't work to charge
  • Please adjust the volume from your mobile or Long press Vol+ from Bluetooth if you can't hear any music
  • The sound may have a bit noise if there's environmental interference


Why choose this eye mask with Bluetooth headphones?

  • It's not only a simple eye mask like others but also with built-in Bluetooth headphones.
  • It does not only help you to cover the lights completely to your eyes but also help you fall asleep easier with light music in the case of your lover snoring around.
  • It's not only a product to make you sleep like babies, but also might be a "peaceful messenger" to avoid lovers' fights caused by someone snoring while sleeping.
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