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360 Degree High Efficient Turbo Shower Head

360 Degree High Efficient Turbo Shower Head

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-High-quality ABS material and stainless steel panel, environmental protection, and durability

-Humanized design, comfortable and fast. One water stop key once opens and use

-360 degrees spinning around

-Standard four-point measurement interface for most household use

-The water flow will be sprayed on the blades of the turbofan and will drive the turbofan to rotate quickly. Increase water pressure

-The flower is used for a long time if a water outlet can appear, blocking a phenomenon. Just remove the stainless steel panel for cleaning

-The small hole of the shower head can prevent the shower from block

-Simple storage, you only need to remove the filter and rinse it with water

-This shower can relieve your fatigue and bring you a perfect shower experience

-The shower can be installed at its angle according to your personal needs

-The handheld showerheads for the bathroom are suitable for bathing young kids or washing pets, etc

-Made of ABS material, the shower head is lightweight, tough, and durable
-The shower is not only generous in appearance design but also practical
-With a one-key water stop function to make it more convenient for you to use
-Three-stop water outlet mode allows you to better enjoy the happiness of showering
-You can adjust the suitable model according to your shower requirements
-High quality
-Built-in turbo fan
-Detachable design

-Package Weight; 200g
-Package Dimensions; l=9cm x w=5.3cm x h=27.2cm
-Material; ABS
-Shower shape; Round

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1 x 360 Degree High Efficient Turbo Shower Head AB

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