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Clear Glass Cooking Pot

Clear Glass Cooking Pot

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1. Carefully clean inside and outside before use, and dry the outer wall with water before heating;

2. When using an open flame to heat, it must be preheated with a slow flame (the flame does not exceed the contour of the bottom of the pot) for more than one minute;

3. In order to ensure the service life, please keep the flame not higher than the water level in the pot;

This product does not burn dry on an open flame; Make sure that the glass pot is placed steadily when heating;

4. When cooking ingredients with starch and stickiness, keep stirring them. If the ingredients are sticking to the pot, please stop the cooking process immediately.

5. If you encounter a sticky pan, you need to soak it in water before cleaning;


Borosilicate Glass Saucepan

It is not recommended to use it directly on an open flame! ! Insulation film is added in the video! Please try to use the induction cooker.

Material:Borosilicate glass


SIZE :1900ml

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