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Massage Gun

Massage Gun

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  • Item: Massage Gun;
  • Certification: CE,ROHS,FCC;
  • Packaging Size:302*218*83mm;
  • Rated power?24W;
  • Color: Black, Silver, Red;
  •  Rated frequency: 50HZ;
  • Voltage: 7.4V;
  • Rotating speed: 1200-3300r/min;
  • Chargetime: 180mins.


  •  6-Speds High Frequency Vibration:The muscle massager can effectively reduce muscle stiffness
  • and pain, increase blood flow and range of motion, and improve the health of the bodys soft tissues. Meet different needs, meet your various muscle relaxation and defeat lactic acid, refuse pain;
  •  It will turn off automatically after you use it for 15 minutes, in order to give your muscles a scientific
  • massage. Four inter changable head attachment:
  • Round ball head: For large muscle groups and extreme muscles and joint soreness;
  •  Bullet head: Mainly used for joints, deep tissues,trigger points and small muscle areas;
  • U-shaped head : Mainly used for spine, neck and shoulder for sensitive muscles or soft tissues;
  •  Flat head: Suitable for all parts of the body, such as back and leg.


What can the Massage gun do for you?

  • Improve range of motion;
  • Accelerate recovery time;
  • Reduce fatigue;
  • Treat injuries and pains;
  • Promote blood circulation;
  •  Reduces pain from inflamed muscles;
  •  Quick and reliable muscle recovery;
  •  Achieve your workout goals faster;
  •  Save money on muscle recovery;
  • Enhance muscle fiber growth
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