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Back Brace Air Traction Belt

Back Brace Air Traction Belt

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Say No To Lower Back Pain!

  • A new technologial breakthrough in the treatment of lower back pain and neck pain caused by spinal diseases or injuries. The Air Traction Belt features a unique air pocket expansion system that helps combine both effective treatment and relief of pain by reducing pressure within the vertebrae. Its ISO9001/CE/FDA approved.
  • Lumbar vertebrae play a crucial role in evolution from great apes to humanity,but are also under great pressure. Apart from a few hours of sleep,lumbar vertebrae have to bear more than 60% pressure if the total weight of body. Prolonged oppression on lumbar vertebrae is the roor to caused various lumbar vertebrae diseases,So releif pressure is important in preventing and in treating lumbar diseases.


  1. The acute/chronic sprain of lumbar vertebrae
  2. Prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc
  3. Abnormal function of small joint of lumbar vertebra
  4. Hyperplasia of lumbar vertebra
  5. Herniated disc patients before/after operation
  6. Those who are engaged in sports or occupations that need to use waist much
  7. All patients who need traction treatment and support of lumbar vertebrae.


Packing List:

1. Box
2. Hand Pump
3. Nozzle Ajustable
4. Manual
5. Back Decompression Belt

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