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Mini Motorcycle GPS Tracker Tracking Antitheft Device Locator GSM GPRS

Mini Motorcycle GPS Tracker Tracking Antitheft Device Locator GSM GPRS

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The original GPS tracker GT02A is the most popular car tracker model. To operate the tracker, you need a SIM card of any GSM operator with the ability to send and receive SMS, as well as access to the Internet GPRS / EDGE. Be sure to turn off the PIN code request. The tracker itself needs to be asked from the car's on-board network.

It is necessary to unwind the tracker and install a SIM card (for 5 photos) without a PIN code. You will send settings to it in SMS, and information will be transmitted via the Internet for online viewing of the location of the car.

Instructions for all codes included.

The tracker determines its location by the signals of GPS satellites and transmits them to the smartphone in SMS messages.

For real-time tracking, for online monitoring, various free internet platforms ( are used. They provide coordinates, movements, routes, mileage, travel time, and so on.

Features of GT02A GPS device

1. Information transmission in GSM/GPRS modes

2. High sensitivity of GPS chipset

3. Ability to turn off visual indication

4. Wide input voltage range

5. Data transmission via SMS or GPRS

6. Operation from a car battery

7. Configuration via SMS

8. Standalone operation or centralized through a GPS monitoring platform

9. Ease of installation

Principle of operation in GPRS mode:

1. Register the IMEI number of your tracker on the selected Internet service;

2. With the help of special SMS notifications, you configure the tracker to work with this Internet service;

3. The tracker sends information about the time, location and speed of the object to the server at a specified frequency;

4. A map with the position of the object, its speed, trajectory for a given period of time can be viewed via the Internet.

Specifications GT02A

β€’ GSM 900/1800MHz or 850/1900MHz

β€’ GPRS Class12,TCP/IP building GSM module

β€’ GPS SiRF Star III/LP module

β€’ GPS channels 20

β€’ Tracking sensitivity – 159dBm

β€’ Acquisition sensitivity – 144dBm

β€’ Locating time cost Hot start 2sec(Clear sky)

β€’ Warm start 15 sec

β€’ Cold start 38 sec(Clear sky)

β€’ Built-in GSM GPS antenna

β€’ Indicators Three LED indicators GPS blue GSM green Power red

β€’ Power consumption in sleep mode (12 volt) 22mA, (24 volt) 12mA

β€’ Voltage (car power) 9~36 volts DC

β€’ Dimensions 90.0(length) X 45.0 (width) X 13.6(height) mm

β€’ Weight 45g

β€’ Recommended temperature range -25 to + 70

β€’ Accuracy up to 10 meters


GPS tracker

Wire (wire length 150cm)




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