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Solar Street Light Outdoor, 6000LM - 120WATT

Solar Street Light Outdoor, 6000LM - 120WATT

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60W/120W Lightweight solar street light


1. Before first use, please let the sun charge the solar panel during daytime hours.

2. The charging efficiency of the solar panel depends on the weather conditions, the stronger the sunlight, the shorter the charging time, and the lighting time may be shortened in the case of long-term cloudy days (rainy days), which is a normal phenomenon.

3. The solar panel will be covered with dust when used outdoors for a long time. In order to get a better charging performance, it is recommended to clean up regularly.

4. Mainly used with small and medium-sized venues: the irradiated area of each lamp is 70 square meters (630 sq.ft.) Please decide the number you need to buy according to the size of the venue and other needs, in order to complete the lighting layout.


Solar Street Lights Details:


  • A full charge requires up to 6- 8 hours of sunlight.
  • The charging time and the lighting time of the solar light vary with sunlight intensity, geographical location, weather conditions, seasons and other conditions.
  • In winter, solar light can’t get enough energy from sunlight, so it is normal that it has lower brightness and shorter working time at night.


Please turn on the switch before installation or charging.

Outdoor wall or pole in Plaza, Park, Garden, Courtyard, Street, Walkway, Pathway, Campus, Farm, Perimeter Security etc



Package Included:

1x Solar Street Light (60W/120W)

1x Aluminum alloy pick arm

4x mounting screws

1X User Manual

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