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A+A Drawing and Writing Board

A+A Drawing and Writing Board

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  • Help the child draw or write a cute drawing.
  • Use the handle at the bottom of this tablet to easily remove the handwriting.
  • This product limits small parts for children 3 years old and older.
  • Type: Magnetic Sketchpad
  • Material: Plastic


  • Please draw and write gently on the board with the magnetic pen
  • Be sure not to be rough, or the life span will be shortened.
  • Hold the pen straight while drawing and writing.
  • Don't leave the board in a high-temperature situation in case of being deformed.
  • Don't draw and write on the board with any other pen such as signature pens, pencils and ball pens.
  • Be sure not to put the magnetic pen and seals on the board or touch it with them while wiping the handwriting.
  • Wash the hands and repair the board with instant glue in time if it damaged and some quick leaks .
  • Keep the magnetic pen and seals away from the following objects in order to ensure the effective use : magnetic card (bank card, telephone magnetic card) magnetic disk, Tv set, radio.
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