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Multi Insect Killer 400ml

Multi Insect Killer 400ml

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Product Features: 

  • The powerful insecticide aerosol can kill mosquitoesflies and cockroaches quickly, and protect you and your family's health effectively.
  • Adopt the pyrethroid of high quality,which is small stimulus and safe.
  • Suitable for the place such as home office,shop and etc



  • The product is pressure pack. Never invert the tank to spray.
  • Never spray to human body,food and dishware.
  • Never spray near the flame or put it near the fire or the place whose tem[eatures is over 50 degrees.
  • Keep this product out of reach of children
  • Avoid touching eyes. Dont eat
  • Dont thow the empty tank into the fire. Store it in a cool ventilated and dry place.
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