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Power Twister

Power Twister

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Skid proof handle.
Exercise chest and arms and entire upper body.

What's in the box
1 x Power Twister


-Chest Workout - Exercise your chest by bending the Flex Bar inwards, similar to pectoral fly's, providing resistance through your entire motion.

-Perform curls with your biceps and forearms. Full resistance is provided all the way through unlike dumbbells', giving you maximum resistance throughout the exercise.

-Back and Shoulders Workout - Flex your back and back shoulders by squeezing the power twister bar towards your middle back.

-Perfect Fitness Exercise Device - High-quality Premium Materials And portable for comfort workout at home, office or Travel. Perfect for building upper body strength.

Practical Power Twister - Flexible Strength Arm Chest Shoulder Spring Exercise Fitness Training Bar


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