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Electric Steam Iron Handheld Fabric Laundry Steamer Brush Travel

Electric Steam Iron Handheld Fabric Laundry Steamer Brush Travel

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  • Name: Portable Steam Brush
  • Power mode: AC
  • Product specifications: 30V European standard two round insert
  • Mode of operation: press
  • Power mode: plug-in
  • Rated voltage: 220V
  • Rated power: 1000W
  • Function: ironing clothes, specific deodorization effect



1.the main function is to iron clothes, to taste the disinfection effect, especially hot underwear can be effectively disinfected, plush toys should also be regularly brushed.

2.In use, you can add some perfume, so that the steam will have a fragrance, which can remove the smell of the clothes.

3.In the process of cleaning, a small amount of vinegar can be put in, which can effectively remove the leeches.

4.About the smell: Any new steam brush will have a taste. When it is used, the water does not enter the main machine. The temperature of the main machine is relatively high, and the environmentally friendly atomizing agent inside is volatilized.

5.About the ironing effect: plug in the water after adding water, wait for the light to go out after the indicator light is off, the interval is 2-3 seconds, spray on the clothes, if the temperature is too fast, the temperature will not reach the ironing, the effect will naturally Falling.

6. About water leakage: Steam brush As long as there is water left in the steam chamber, a slight steam will appear after heating, which is normal.


Package Included:

1x steam ironing brush

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