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Rechargeable Head and Scalp Massager EG-6

Rechargeable Head and Scalp Massager EG-6

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Are you seeking relief from stress, tension, or headaches? Do you want a portable and convenient solution for a relaxing head massage? Look no further! The rechargeable head massager is here to provide you with a blissful and invigorating massage experience right at your fingertips.

- With its ergonomic design and adjustable settings, this head massager targets key pressure points on your scalp, promoting relaxation and relieving tension. Say goodbye to aches and hello to a state of pure tranquility and comfort with this must-have self-care device.

  • The head massager stimulates your scalp and relaxes your mind, providing a deep sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. It helps to release stress, ease tension headaches, and promote overall well-being.

  • The massager is designed to target specific pressure points on your scalp, stimulating blood circulation and promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. Experience the benefits of acupressure therapy in the comfort of your own home.

  • The massager is compact and portable, allowing you to enjoy a rejuvenating head massage anywhere, anytime. With its rechargeable battery, you don't have to worry about replacing batteries or being tied down by cords.

  • Relax, unwind, and experience pure bliss with the rechargeable head massager. Embrace the power of massage to soothe your mind, relieve tension, and revitalize your sense

- Deep relaxation
- 6 massage modes
- Wireless charging
- 8 Head massage nodes

- Charging time; 3hrs
- Rated power; 1.2W
- Package weight; 250g
- Charging voltage; 5V
- Material; ABS+Silcon gel
- Built in batterty; 500mAh/3.7V
- Package dimensions; l=15.5cm x h=10.5cm x w=9.5cm

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1 x Rechargeable Head and Scalp Massager

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