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Sello Tape Dispenser/Cutter

Sello Tape Dispenser/Cutter

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Professional-grade plastic tape dispenser cutter. Assist in packaging and wrapping done in no time! Compact and lightweight at just 0.12kg, easy to carry and use! This packaging tape dispenser is sturdy enough to cope with multiple parceling tasks.

Plastic Tape Dispenser :
-    Tape dispenser made of PVC.
-    Use with 2-inch OPP tape in the market.
-    Designed of comfort.
-    Cut the tape easily in desired length.
-    Adjustable break for tension control.
-    Must-have-tool for carton packing.
-    Time saving and increase efficiency for work.
-    Easy to use and precise application.
-    Pack of 1-unit tape dispenser.

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