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Smart Key Engine Start/Stop System With RFID

Smart Key Engine Start/Stop System With RFID

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- RFID Engine Lock - Anti-theft function and the system will automatically go into standby after 15 seconds.
- Remote control functions - automatically lock the host after 35 seconds; remote control of handbrake safety detection; the remote shutdown function is synchronized for 10 minutes after remote start; automatically lock the door when you turn on the remote control.
- Other functions - Turn on acoustics and dashboard.
- The system emits a reminder sound to indicate that the system has been disabled when the user approaches the wire wheel (approximately 2-5 cm) in arm mode.
- It can be adapted to the car alarm system.
- Wide Applications - Universal design, suitable for all kinds of different vehicles.
- Portable / wear and can improve safety when driving.
- Convenient Use - Use the button to start the engine, easy to install and uninstall.

Technical data:
- Item: Car Stop/Start Button
- Material: ABS electronic metal parts
- Black colour
- Suitable Vehicle: Universal

What's in the box
1 x car engine start driver
1 x start button
1 x RFID sensor ring
2 x cables

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