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Smart Sensor Folding Trash Can

Smart Sensor Folding Trash Can

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- Sealed design
- Automatic opening and closing. Smart chip. Mute ramp down.
- Detect every movement accurately.
- 0.3 three Second infrared sensing.
- Intelligence and control. The sealing design has no peculiar smell.
- Wave sensing.
- The intelligent induction trash can be opened and closed without touching by hand, making it convenient and simple to throw garbage.
- Press the normally open button once and the cover will always open.
- Large capacity, which can be used by many people at the same time. It is suitable for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and balcony.
- When the battery is exhausted and there is no replacement battery, it can be opened manually under no power condition.

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1 x Smart Sensor Folding Trash Can

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