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Transparent Mecha Punk Charging Treasure 20000mAh

Transparent Mecha Punk Charging Treasure 20000mAh

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With 4 high grade battery cells giving the Storm 2 Slim a capacity of 20,000 mAh and the ability to output 130W of power delivery, the Storm 2 Slim can even charge your laptop, tablet, and drone.

Transparency as a hot tech trend may be new, but it’s been used in the watch industry extensively to captivate audiences. The trick, however, is to structure your product on the inside to look immersive and hypnotic – something watches already have going for them. It’s also been dabbled with by Apple and their colorful iMacs, and with the Nintendo GBA, but transparent electronics took a hiatus until Carl Pei’s Nothing brand was founded. Here to bring transparency back is also Shargeek’s STORM2 Slim, a slick, powerful power bank that comes with a transparent housing, an IPS display that lets you toggle through the power bank’s dashboard and features, and even a supplemental set of solar panels for charging your power bank on the go. Armed with a USB-A and USB-C port that can both be used as outputs, the STORM2 Slim lets you charge a whole variety of devices… even your laptop

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