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BBQ Rechargeable Lighter

BBQ Rechargeable Lighter

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- Charge through the USB interface by connection to computers, cellphone chargers, and any other chargers with the output voltage of DV5V + 0.5V and output current below 3000MA
- Built-in smart charging circuit, it is charging when the product lights up with a blue light
- Built-in polymer lithium battery. Charging time is between 1-2 hours
- The battery is rechargeable and one charge can discharge hundreds of times
- If the heating time is too long, the product will automatically cut off the power supply inside and lock the circuit
- Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
- Multiple uses such as light candles, a cigar, gas, BBQ, aromatherapy, etc.

What's in the box
1 xΒ  19cm rechargeable Lighter
1 x USB Charging cable

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