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Breakfast Oatmeal Glass 350ml

Breakfast Oatmeal Glass 350ml

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MATERIAL: Glass, lid PP
COLOR: Gray and Yellow
Premium Diamond Glass Oatmeal Container] The reusable mason jars Set Comes with a spoon is made of thick glass, Free of BPA and PVC, durable and the wide mouth mason jars is easy to use and clean. It can also be used as a food can to keep your food fresh for a long time.

[Multipurpose Use] 10 oz glass jars with lids is the perfect choice for dieters to control food intake.The overnight oats jars with lid suitable for use with cereal, milk or yogurt, etc. .

[Leak-Proof Cover] The food-grade plastic cover contains a tight silicone ring. You dont need to worry about spilling the drink.

[Multifunctional Storage Tank] The non-perforated lid is very suitable for storing your jam, nuts, candies, chocolate, nuts, canned fruits or kitchen food; Canning jars with lids and spoon we present is convenient for you to eat yogurt and other food, and Mason jar silicone design can hang spoon.

[Carry Round] Our cereal on the go container are suitable for you to take with you. canning jars with lids are ideal for families, bars, restaurants, travel and camping. It can be the perfect gift for bachelor parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas or any occasion

include:1pcs cup
1pcs spoon

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