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JG103 Automobile Emergency Mobile Power Supply With 3 Bright Emergency Light

JG103 Automobile Emergency Mobile Power Supply With 3 Bright Emergency Light

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-HIGH-POWER TM19B car jump starter (booster) is a modern device that will be useful to all motorists.
-This is an external portable battery (Power Bank) with a capacity of 11000 Mah capable of starting car engines with a current of 300A to 600A.
-It is compatible with gasoline engines up to 3.5 l and diesel engines up to 2.8 l (in some cases, these figures may be higher).
-Also suitable for starting motorcycles, boats, jet skis, ATVs and lawn mowers.
-It includes an adapter for connecting such devices as: car vacuum cleaners, air compressors for tires, travel refrigerators and other devices related to work via 12V (cigarette lighter).
-It has a built-in 3-mode flashlight, an emergency glass breaker and a knife for emergency car seat belt cutting.
-The device is also perfect for car service centers and car showrooms, it will be able to start the car engine quickly and without much effort.
-In addition to the function of starting the engine, the device can also act as a universal external USB battery (Power Bank), but this is not its direct purpose.
-The battery can charge the battery of any smartphone:
-Plugs for mobile devices: micro USB, mini USB, Apple Lightning, Apple 30 pin.
-Supply voltage: 12V / 220V;
-Battery capacity is 69800 mAh;
-Display for displaying basic information;
-Output current: 5V / 12V /15V/19V
-Starting current: 300A;
-Peak current: 600A
-Intelligent start:
-Protection against reverse polarity
-ROM over discharge protection
-Short circuit protection
-Protection against counter current entering the ROM from the auto generator after starting the engine
-Pass a higher current than conventional starting wires in similar devices, which increases the probability of starting the engine

Package Weight: 1800g

Package Dimensions: 32.5cm x 25cm x 7cm

Package Includes:

1 x AC adapter
1 x Car charger
1 x 3 in 1 USB cable
1 x Smart Jump cable clips
1 x laptop connector
1 x Switch cable
1 x Jump starter

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