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Load Shedding No WiFi?

Load Shedding No WiFi?

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Power cuts & load shedding don't need to mean internet cuts!

Keep your modem & routers alive upto 4 hours + with our 8800mah MINI UPS power brick. Suitable for Fibre modem & router as well.


Stay connected during black-outs & load-shedding. This mini UPS comes with dual 12v female adapters to power both your router and modem. It also has an usefull USB power output for your smartphone, etc.

Built-in Lithium battery
Microprocessor controller guarantees high reliability
Autostart when plugged in
Manual power off switch
Overload Short-circuit protection
Over-charge and over-discharge protection
Allows to set output to 9/12V via switch
5V USB/DC Output

Application: Router, Modem, Wireless Phone, CCTV, etc.

What's in the box
1 x UPS
1 x Power Cable
1 x Dual 12V Female Adapter

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