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Load Shedding Portable Power Station 600watt we

Load Shedding Portable Power Station 600watt we

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ProductSolar Powered Portable UPS
Body materialABS plastic
Guarantee6 months
Power (W)600W
BatteryLi-ion 560Wh (156000mAh/3,6V) built-in
Peak Out. power1200W
Auto chargingBuilt-in MPPT controller system to improve charging efficiency.
Sleep functionAutomatically activates if the device detects that the devices are not connected, disconnects and stops supplying power if not no device will be connected.
Built-in flashlight2W, 3 levels of lighting + SOS
Work on a full battery charge (min)90+ mobile device charges, 11.5 hours of laptop 13 inches, 9.2 hours of 50W fan operation, 46 hours of operation of a 10W energy-saving lamp, 6.5 hours -of operation TV LCD 32 "inches, 5+ hours -of operation of the heating boiler 140W 153 hours -of operation of the LED lamp 3W, 12V, (flashlight), 16+ -drone reloads, 8 hours -of operation of the Mini-fridge
Charge on dischargeSupported
External chargerAC100-240V or 24V 5A
Full charge time (h.)1. From home network 220V about 5.5-6.5 hours. 2. From 100W monocrystalline silicon solar panel in sufficient sunlight for about 8-16 hours. 3. From a car cigarette lighter 12V / 24V for about 5.5-6.5 hours.
Usage environmentCan be used as an emergency power supply, in cases caused by various natural disasters, for camping, charging external electrical appliances, medical power supply, as emergency lighting, boiler maintenance.
LCD displayYes
LED touch screenYes
Error indicator lightYes
Fans2 pcs (cooling)
Overcurrent protectionLock, need to restart
Overheat protectionLock, need to restart
Overload protection640W+-40W (Lock, need to restart)
Overvoltage protection13+ 0,5V
Short circuit protectionLock, need to restart
Undervoltage protection8,5+ 0,5V
AC 220V output2 * AC220V outputs
DC 12V output1pc - cigarette lighter / adjustable DC 12V / 8A max. 3pcs - DC 9V ~ 12.6V / 3A max.
FuseAC 3*20A DC 1*20A
USB output2*TYPE-A:2*QC3.0, 18WMax ; 1*TYPE-C: PD60W Max
Noise level (dB)Noiseless
Length of the cord, m
Out. voltage.AC110V+-10% or AC220V+-10%
Conversion efficiency>85%
Working temperature0*С +/-40*С
Features:Multiple output ports, charge up to 9 devices at the same time.
Form Out. signalPure sine wave
Dimensions L * W * H290мм*165мм*230мм
Unit weight (kg)5,45 kg
Equipment1 x AC adapter 24V / 5A 1 x AC power cord 1 x user manual
Packing size 340мм*230мм*270мм
Service center and maintenance in UkraineService center "Liectroux"
Total package weight6,5 кg
DeliveryNew mail. According to the tariff.
Instructions English 
Characteristics and description
  • dimensions
    • The weight
      5400 g
    • Height
      280 mm
    • Width
      150 mm
    • Length
      230 mm
  • Main Attributes
    • Battery type
    • Battery capacity
      112000 mAh
    • Warranty period
      12 months
    • Case color
    • The country of manufacture
    • Type
      Universal battery
    • Colour
    • Output voltage
      220 V
    • State
    • Peculiarities
      Flashlight, Battery level indicator, Quick charge
    • Connectors
      USB, Type-C, DC
    • Battery charge
      Mains, Solar powered
    • Input voltage
      220 V

Charger BRIDNA 600W (SGR-PPS500-4), 560Wh - a powerful storage portable station for generating energy in places where there is no voltage of 220 Volts, during a power outage with a total output power of 600 watts. An excellent solution for recharging gadgets with batteries in nature, on trips, feeding various electrical devices.

The BRIDNA battery is a powerful AC (220V) and DC (12V) power bank with USB ports for fast charging, USB-C, and a car port. The AC output form is a pure sine wave, which provides the ability to connect and uninterrupted operation of almost any household device powered by a 220 V network. The operating frequency is 50 Hertz, and the maximum (peak) power is 1200 Watts. The battery capacity is 560 W * h, that is, a 10 W LED lamp, for example, can burn for more than 50 hours, a 13 "laptop can work for more than 8 hours, and the phone will charge 90 times.

The SGR-PPS500-4 Portable Charging Station can be charged in three ways:

  1. From a 220-volt outlet through a special adapter (included) - charging time is 5.5-6.5 hours.
  2. Through a car cigarette lighter (cable included) - charging time 7.5-8.5 hours.
  3. From solar panels - charging time 8-10 hours when using a 100W panel on a sunny day.

Powerbank has many different output ports:

  • two outlets for a 220 Volt socket;
  • two USB ports ;
  • 60W USB-C output;
  • Three 12V DC ports.

Each sector with outputs and inputs is turned on / off by separate buttons, which is quite convenient, and, above all, saves the charge of the power plant.

The body of the charger is made of high-quality matte plastic and has a handle on top for easy portability ( the weight of the station is 5.4 kg ). From one end there is a built-in 2 W flashlight with three brightness modes and an SOS function. Also, grilles are designed at the ends for air intake and outflow - in case of excessive heating, the station turns on a fan for internal cooling. Anti-slip pads are installed on the bottom of the case. 

On the front side of the portable charger, an informative LED display with many indicators is built in. For example, you can see the percentage of power bank charge, the time until the end of charging, the time until the end of discharge, etc.

The BRIDNA 600W charging station (SGR-PPS500-4) is equipped with lithium-ion batteries and has a resource of 800 charge cycles up to 80% of its capacity . When charging to 100%, the number of cycles is slightly less. Portable device battery - premium batteries.

Bridna 600W has the function of end-to-end charging - while connecting devices to the station, as well as the station itself to the charging source, the device does not discharge, but in parallel accumulates energy from the charging source.

The charger has reliable protection against short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, low current, overload and overheating. Charging temperature 0...40°С, discharging -10...40°С

The package includes:

  1. Charging station
  2. Power adapter
  3. AC power cord
  4. DC cable with cigarette lighter plug.
  5. Instruction in English and Ukrainian.


ATTENTION! The device must only be used in a dry place and must not be exposed to moisture, thrown or disassembled! Be sure to read the instructions before use

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