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Multifunctional AB and Seven Pack Exercise Equipment

Multifunctional AB and Seven Pack Exercise Equipment

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Introducing a six-pack care, the new fitness breakthrough designed to target your entire core and guaranteed to get you strong and in shape

This is one of the best ways to get that summer body without the fuss and admin of going to the gym, an easy and convenient set up in your own home. Get the body and ABS you always wanted. This six-pack care machine is incredible, a 6-in-1 total core workout machine, from doing crunches, reverse crunches, obliques twists, lower Ab Tucks, lower AB press, or stretch, you are guaranteed the summer body you always wanted

  • This machine combines body shaping, aerobic, stretching, pressure exercises, and more at ease
  • All-round exercises, waist, abdomen, and arms are also a part of this incredible machine, the machine literally sculptures every inch of the body curves
  • Also backed by the ministry of the foam roller in the course of exercise, which not only supports and protects you doing your workouts but also can be used to massage the back of your body and help reduce fatigue

- The materials used to make this machine function help relieve back problems, and help with posture and movement
- If you happen to be sore from walking habits and so forth, this machine can help reduce the struggles and pain you happen to have
- The whole course of aerobic exercises
- Efficient exercises for the waist, abdomen, buttocks, and leg muscles
- Helps burn calories to reshape the curves
- Ergonomic design with a massage rotation cushion
- Double pillow, feature
- High Quality and comfortable materials

- Premium rubber nonslip materials
- Package dimensions: H- 82.5, L- 83, W- 27
- Package weight: 10.10 kg

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1 x Multifunctional AB and Six Pack Exercise Equipment

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