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Perfect Collar Travel Iron

Perfect Collar Travel Iron

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Lightweight and compact: It has a flat design and can be folded into the palm of your hand.
Wide use: By spreading the side of the iron, you can use it to iron a variety of clothes like a traditional iron. For smaller areas such as collars, pockets or trouser legs, simply hold the side of the iron.
Adjustable temperature: The model can adjust the temperature and can be used according to different fabrics.
Double ironing position: Ideal for quick touch or ironing when you need more surfaces.

- Material:ABS plastic
- Rated voltage: 110-220 (V)
- Rated frequency: 60 (HZ)
- Rated power: 60 (W)
- Color: Black
- Type: EU
- Size: 13x8.5x3.5cm

What's in the box
1 x Electric Iron

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