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Powerbank 50000mah 7-1 LED Display Battery Power Bank With Flashlight

Powerbank 50000mah 7-1 LED Display Battery Power Bank With Flashlight

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High-capacity external battery  Hoco DB11 50000 mAh  is a novelty for all kinds of mobile devices, designed for long-term autonomous use when traveling, camping, traveling, in the country, etc. This original Power Bank, like others, is suitable for charging a huge number of gadgets, but has a significant advantage - an incredibly high real capacity of 50,000 milliamp hours . This capacity, for example, is enough for 21 iPhone 8 charges or 13 Huawei P10 charges. The Hoco DB11  external battery  is, in fact, an indispensable backup battery that will help you out and allow you to stay in touch even during a long blackout. The presence of a digital LED display will inform you in detail about the remaining charge in percent.

For convenience, four USB outputs are provided at once, which can be used both separately and simultaneously. Charging the Hoco DB11 device itself is possible using Micro-USB, Lightning and Type-C ports, which is very convenient for owners of devices of any company. The  charger comes with a USB to Micro-USB cable. An additional advantage of this model is a bright built-in LED lamp.

The Hoco DB11 portable charger has a fairly compact size and weight that reflects the real capacity, the device is convenient for transporting it in a bag or backpack. For ease of wearing, the case also has a durable strap. The surface of the external battery has a nice anti-slip texture, and the outer side with the display has a stylish glossy look. The Hoco portable charger is an indispensable assistant during long journeys, with a powerful battery that can charge up to 4 devices at the same time and act as a flashlight. 


- A bright LED lamp is built into the case (press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on the table lamp, press 2 times to turn it off)

- An extremely powerful battery with a capacity of 50000 mAh is installed in the device. This polymer battery is classified as A+ and is highly efficient, its power is 185Wh

- Flame retardant polycarbonate + durable ABS plastic of which the charger is made gives the charging case shock resistance and resistance to mechanical damage

- Four USB outputs to charge multiple devices at the same time

- Built-in LED display showing percentage capacity and working status (button activation)

- High-quality assembly, electronics and case materials

- Modern and stylish glossy design, tactilely pleasant, non-slip surface, carrying strap

Universally compatible with most digital devices: iPhone ( Apple) Huawei Xiaomi Samsung Honor

- Protection against short circuit, over-discharge, power surge and overcharge

- Over 1000 recharge cycles


● Manufacturer:  Hoco. (Guangdong, China)

● Model: DB11 Super Capacity (Authentic 4 Ports Output Digital Inteligent Balance Seven-in-One Ultra Large Battery Capacity Mobile Power Bank 50000mAh Premium Product Portable Compatible with Smartphones and 99% Tablet PC with LED light and lanyard)

● Battery capacity: 50000mAh, 3.7V, 185Wh

●  Input interfaces:  Lightning / USB Type-C / micro USB

●  Inputs:  Micro-USB: 5V-2A max; Type-C: 5V-2.4A max, (10W), Lightning ( Apple)

● Number of USB outputs: 4

● Maximum output power 1, 2, 3, 4:  DC5V / 2.1A

● Battery: Li-Pol battery

● Battery charging time: from 20 hours (5V, 2A)

● Body material: ABS plastic 

● Colors: black 

● Dimensions: 178 x 82 x 52 mm

● Weight: 1090 g

●  Certification:  CE, ROHS, FCC 


- Power Bank with digital display Hoco  DB11 Super Capacity 50000 mAh

- USB A + Type-C charging cable

- Packing/instruction

When using an external battery for the first time:

1) Please use the full charge;
2) Then, fully charge;
3) Best of all, charge-discharge about 2-3 times to reach the maximum capacity.

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1 x 50000mAh Seven In One LED Display Battery Power Bank

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