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DH-8 Detox & Healing Pads - 8 pads Pack.

DH-8 Detox & Healing Pads - 8 pads Pack.

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  • Toxic chemicals, either artificial or natural, often get into the human body and cause a variety of problems and complications. They develop into a variety of problems and pains. Feet is considered a channel for many vital organs with more than 60 acupuncture points, a place where natural cleansing begins.
  • Detox Healing Pads DH-8 - Detox Cleaning
  • Made of bamboo and wood extract 
  • Heat from detoxification patches help absorb the sweat from the bottom of our legs that carry toxins and body waste.
  • It can also be applied to the neck, shoulders and knees.
  • Includes 8x pads per package


  • Every evening for 2 weeks
  • DH-8 pads are best to be used at night as they are most effective when the body is at rest.
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