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Door Wedge Stopper Set 6pc Set

Door Wedge Stopper Set 6pc Set

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  •  No more placing door stops on top of each other to hold your door open
  • Whether it is tile, concrete or wooden floor, these door wedges will stop your door from moving.
  • They are best suited for institutional and office use though they can fit perfectly at home as well


  • Flexible- These door stoppers allow you to move freely in between rooms of your home, school, or office, without having to open and close your doors every single time.
  • Works with any doors or floors- they work well on floors like hardwood, carpet, concrete, tile, linoleum, stone, asphalt, and ceramic providing superior clench.
  • Sloped design- A clear-cut reinforced skirting around the door stoppers and the enhanced hollow design which enables double stacking to make it hard for these wedges to topple.
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