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Single Air Traction Belt with Gauge Manual Pump

Single Air Traction Belt with Gauge Manual Pump

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Lumbar decompression brace support belt / Back /Waist Support Belt

  • We find that, reducing pressure from gravity of upper-body, can observably relieve human lower back pain caused by most of disc disease, a patented air traction system was born. We call it AIR TRACTION BELT. It could be run as a "BODY JACK" for most of lumbar/cervical patients in their daily life. Just wear a simple belt, no operation, no expensive reduplicative traction apparatus, keep wearing, then pain relieved.



? Relaxes muscle spasms, strain and pain

? Helps treat degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, sciatica and spondylolysis

? Treatment for bulging and herniated discs. Helps eliminate lower back and radiating pain in the hips, thighs, legs and/or feet. Bulging and herniated discs are reduced by elongating the intervertebral space in the lumbar spine.

? Assists individuals with strenuous jobs requiring heavy lifting or long hours of driving.

? Helps maintain proper posture. Improper posture places the upper body weight directly on the discs and causes back pain.



? HouseholdPatients themselves can do continuous traction at home, office, and during leisure activities. It guarantees health status of the nucleus pulpous and lumbar vertebrae.

? Light weight and can be wear inside

? Multi-function-The belt is not only effective in the treatment, but also in the prevention of lumbar vertebral conditions.



Lining: Material: 100% cotton(Safe & comfort, can be directly used on skin, but we suggest it to be wore on undercloth, to keep it clean).

Surface:Material: polyurethane leather (PU)

Color: white, beige (Long service life and easy cleaning)

Hook & Loop :Type: super strength

Air lock:

  • Material: Type: flip-over type and rotary contact
  • Standard: US standard valve



  • Type: handheld
  • Material: PA6 and AU alloy
  • Model:HP-1 (standard)/HP-2 (with gauge)

(both with pressure-limiting system, never blast)

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